Marin Heath and Smiles

Dentist Sarah Wilsey offers a unique blend of holistic, green, conservative, evidence based dentistry and outstanding healthcare and service with a strong focus on the impact of oral health on your overall health and wellness.

Our practice is mercury-free and more; this was the first practice in Marin to install an amalgam separator and eliminate mercury from the waste stream into the environment. All dental materials are carefully selected. We offer BPA-free, fluoride-free and metal-free restorative options and will work with you to find the best material for you.

Our eco-friendly approach is both high tech and patient centered. Treatment options are evolving with new technology and information to provide a safe and healthy resource for the patients in the community.

We provide a safe and healthy place where smiles come naturally.

Dental Nutrition

Healthy Nutrition Dr Saarman Marin County

Healthy Mouth Healthy You: What about nutrition?

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Xylitol Dr Saarman Marin County

Is Xylitol right for me?  Is it safe?

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Perio Protect

How can the Perio Protect Method treat bacteria that cause gum disease?

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Healthy Heart & Mind

Healthy Heart & Mind Dr Saarman Marin County

Heart attack, dementia, cancer, COPD: Can the dentist really reduce my risk?

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Our Pledge to You

We as an office pledge to provide patients with the highest level of dental care, utilizing the highest quality materials and techniques, while educating and enabling patients to improve their dental and systemic health in a kind and accepting environment.  We respect different views about materials, types of treatment, spacing of radiographs, interest in alternative or “holistic” practices, but will not compromise what we know to be scientifically sound when providing care.