Intraoral Camera

The Intraoral Camera is a powerful communication tool. There is no doubt about it. We first started using these tiny camera heads that fit right in the patients mouth and show close up views of teeth and other oral structures in the mid 1990’s. Our primary goal was to have the opportunity to share with the patient what we saw. A picture is worth a thousand words.

It was helpful right away in showing details and explaining problems, but did not become truly effective until we brought monitors into the view of patients in the dental chair. The monitors brought instant communication, and patients love having informed conversations about their health and the choices they face in real time.

However, we did not recognize the camera’s true value until we purchased our most recent intraoral camera. The image quality is improved and this camera now has caries (cavities) finding capabilities. Intraoral cameras are a great diagnostic tool. They help dentists see things they would normally miss, and help give more detail in making an informed decision about best treatment options. Our new Acteon sopro Intraoral camera | Marin Health and smilesImaging system by Sopro supports our commitment to find problems early. Then we have the most options to support our patients health.

Dentistry today is performed with magnified vision and incredible attention to detail. Modern intraoral cameras support the microsurgical movement in dentistry, and improve the quality of care, by improving our diagnosis.