Lowest Dose Digital X-rays

We have invested in the technology to very significantly reduce radiation exposure from dental x-rays. And we have been providing the benefit of digital x-ray imaging technology to our patients for more than 15 years. Digital imaging takes 80-90% of the risk out of dental X-rays. We periodically test and update our equipment to be sure we are providing the very best image quality for your reduced exposure.

What X-Rays Show:

Digital x-rays show a high level of detail of the tooth, bone, and supporting tissues of the mouth. This allows us to:

  • Find cavities and determine whether they require treatment
  • Look at the roots of the teeth
  • Check the health of the jaw bone and the bone that supports the teeth and gums
  • Help diagnose periodontal disease
  • Check the health and growth status of developing teeth
  • Check for cysts, tumors, jaw joint deterioration, and many other jaw and joint issues

X-Ray Frequency:

Dr. Wilsey prescribes x-rays as needed for you, not as dictated by time or insurance companies.  We will evaluate your current oral health and determine a frequency that is best for you based on your history of decay, periodontal disease, and the state of your existing restorations.