Advanced Treatment For Gum Disease

Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss, but our advanced treatment is not just about saving teeth.  This gum treatment is about something much more important. It may save your life as you know it today.  And along with helping free up your immune system to concentrate on more important things, your teeth will benefit.  But it is important to be aware, chronic gum disease is statistically linked to many serious systemic conditions and diseases.

Gum disease is linked to problems with pregnancy, heart disease, stroke, dementia, arthritis, lung disease and pancreatic cancer. If you have gum disease you are twice as likely to experience a heart attack, three times as likely to experience a stroke, four times as likely to experience dementia in your lifetime, and seven times as likely to experience problems with a pregnancy.

The goal of our advanced treatment for gum disease is to eliminate chronic low grade gum infections as a source of inflammation in the body.  We want to prevent the initiation of a cascading inflammatory reaction that affects your blood chemistry and organ systems. This is more than a treatment to freshen your breath and avoid tooth loss. It is good for your whole body; it will support a healthy heart and mind for years to come.