About Marin Health and Smiles:

Marin Helath and Smiles Organic

If you are visiting this site, the chances are pretty good you are already eating organic food, drinking filtered water, and are concerned about toxins and pesticides commonly found around the house. There are many hazards in today’s world that didn’t exist fifty years ago, and it is prudent to be aware and concerned, and make lifestyle changes that reduce your exposure to unwanted chemicals and toxins all too common today.  We completely understand your concerns and want to bring that same prudence to your dental healthcare.

Our goal is to create a safe place for ourselves, our staff and our patients.  We want to minimize your exposure to toxins, mutagens, and carcinogens while providing the highest standard of care.

The process of consciously organizing the practice around the guiding principle of ‘safety first’ and best health practices has consistently reinforced the advantages of patient centered dentistry. Catching problems early and treating them with the highest quality materials, applied in a careful and conscientious way, is the best support we can provide for your health. To do that with the safest materials available today adds to that value.

We want you to know that in every choice we make, from the office ventilation system (designed for a gymnasium) that constantly brings fresh air into the office, to the sealants placed in a child’s tooth, to using BPA-free filling materials, we keep true to the concept of ‘safety first’.  It is our contribution to dentistry, our staff, our patients and our community.

We as an office pledge to provide patients with the highest level of dental care, utilizing the highest quality materials and techniques, while educating and enabling patients to improve their dental and systemic health in a kind and accepting environment.  We respect different views about materials, types of treatment, spacing of radiographs, interest in alternative or “holistic” practices, but will not compromise what we know to be scientifically sound when providing care.

We go above and beyond the customary standards in dentistry to bring you a safe and healthy place where smiles come naturally. 

A Safe and Healthy Place Where Smiles Come Naturally!